Tumo: The Fire In The Belly


Tumo is the power behind leadership, artistry, strong bodies, healing, physical feats, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. 

It’s the extra edge God gives us to reach far beyond our normal abilities.  Everyone has some of this “Fire in the Belly”.  

It provides the passion and drive we all need to accomplish our goals.

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Still A Rose


Paranormal effects of strong desires, time warps and alternate realities are featured in these short stories, designed to leave the reader wondering. 


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Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives


 Part of this book’s comprehensive look at reincarnation includes the processes of reincarnation and evolution, karma, karmic relationships, regressions, death, after life, rebirth and children, and future lives. The many meditations are suitable for personal or group work.  

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Kundalini and the Chakras


We all possess the powerful life force of Kundalini that can open us to genius states, psychic powers, and cosmic consciousness. For over twenty years, this trusted guide has been teaching people how to safely and effectively use this potent natural energy for spiritual development.

This book has a practical approach and transformative techniques for cleansing, balancing, and developing the chakras and their energies will help you realize your own tremendous creative and spiritual otential. 

A must for those who have experienced a spontaneous rise of Kundalini, for those who wish to release more, or to develop the powerful energy and develop the chakras in a safe and effective manner. The section on chakras goes beyond the traditional seven and lists many more which are important to people in today’s world.  

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Meditation as Spiritual Practice



Meditation has  many purposes:  healing, past life awareness, mental clarity,  and relaxation. This practice can also enhance our spiritual lives by bringing about “peak experiences” on transcendental states.

Meditation as Spiritual Practice focuses on the practice of meditation for expanding consciousness and awareness. The techniques in this treasured guidebook can also help one in developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other psychic abilities. It gives information on different brain levels, inner and outer bodies and work with angels and guides.

This is a great book for beginners as well as the more advanced meditators. It also includes different types of meditations so each person can choose whiat is best for her/him.            

(Formerly “Energy Focused Meditations”)  

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Chakras, Auras, and the New Spirituality


 Information is included on the seven spheres (a system for powerful development and paranormal abilities), the senses, formation of the bodies and an in depth look at consciousness.  It also contains some of the pamphlets with have been popular through the years with our clients, including The Seven Bodies, The Seven Eyes, Bodies 8-12, Auras and Bodies and Alternate Realities.

This book contains colored pictures of auras with an in-depth explanation of auras.  Other chapters include information and meditations on our senses and developing consciousness. This book can help persons with the new energies, which are opening doors into a new spirituality which will expand not only our horizons, but also, our ability to function as more enlightened beings.   

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