Welcome to 2019


2019 promises to be stronger, more complex, and even more changeable than 2018. The energies will help us rely on our intuitions, develop flexibility, and increase our growth and development. 

Saturn and Pluto came within ten degrees of one another in Capricorn, in December 2018. They will be exactly conjunct in January 2020 when we will feel their power for several years. This combination will force changes of things that do not have a good base or foundation. It will also help us bring our creative ideas into reality. This combination brings great changes to our government and also how we govern ourselves. 

Uranus will move into Taurus again in March, also heavily affecting government. It affects us personally in our financial areas and how we develop our talents and resources. 

There are a number of other exciting astrological events in 2019 which will help make our lives more complex and exciting. The two eclipses in January are already introducing us to some of the 2019 excitement. 

If we can maintain positive energies and not let ourselves be too stressed out, we can handle powerful energies much better. Prayer is an excellent way to help achieve our goals.  We need to remember that God has more energy than the planets. 

Why Study Tumo?


…also known as hara, fire in the belly, primordial force or psychic heat.

Do you ever have rumbling in your lower belly?  explosive anger?  great passion? are you overly stubborn? Your tumo might be at work in your system.  If you aren’t using it in positive ways, it will find some place to express.  It is an energy that wants to be doing something.  It especially likes projects and you may find yourself volunteering for more than you want to handle.

Tumo is located in the lower belly and is a powerhouse of energy.  It can work on all levels – bringing healing and great strength to the physical body, great passion and motivation to the emotional body, increased creativity and comprehensive abilities to the mental, and helps in achieving a closer connection with God and transcendental levels.  It is the energy behind leadership.

Tumo can help you be the person you really are and want to be.  

Why study Kundalini?

 Whether you are reaching for your genius levels or just trying to get through the day, understanding how your kundalini and chakras work can help.  Kundalini is an energy that everyone has, in varying degrees.  It gives us our intelligence and helps us achieve higher spiritual direction and blessings in our lives.

Chakras are energy vortices through which our kundalini moves.  They relate closely to our endocrine system, as well as affecting our bodies in many other ways.  When they are open and flowing we are more effective in our lives and our comprehension is increased.

It is also possible to experience a strong release of extra kundalini.  When this first happens, there can be incredible experiences and trauma that a person goes through as it cleanses and opens the system to transcendent levels.  If persons have studied this energy, they are better prepared to handle the power of a spontaneous release.  They will have already opened the chakras and other energy paths, so that the new transitions are much easier.

Tumo and kundalini are two very separate energies, although they do work together at times.  Some persons have experienced large releases of both kundalini and tumo at the same time.  It is not the easiest way to develop but very interesting! 

Why study at all?


We are meant to grow and develop.  It is part of our evolutionary (growth) path.  If we don’t take an active part in this process, we attract experiences and situations to ourselves to force us into growth.  

By taking an active part in our development, we understand situations better, can go further in our growth and find greater joy enrichment in all areas of life.