I am Samuel and I am tagged


This tag on my ear, 

may tell my identity. 

But not who I am.

Photo by Genevieve Paulson

Slow Day


The choppy waters, 

make my head go round and round:  

it's entertainment

Photo by Genevieve Paulson

From the Horse's Mouth


Take a closer look. 

Do these teeth make me look old?  

Well my heart's still young.

Photo by Genevieve Paulson

Watchful Eyes - Best of Friends


Time at the window

Passerbys make good viewing

Expanding our World.  

Photo by Tyler Wells

Pretty Bird


First the welcome bath

then the dryers' gentle wind

does fluff my feathers.

Photo by Genevieve Paulson

Venerable Frog Sage Statue

Frogs admiring Frogs

At end of  journey

I come to you for wisdom.

What? It is within? 

Photo by Sherry Ward

My Destiny


Be it big or small,

I must scale all obstacles 

God sets before me.

Photo by Genevieve Paulson