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Genevieve Lewis Paulson & Stephen J. Paulson


We specialize in books about energies; how to identify them and utilize them for personal and spiritual growth.  This includes the energy of kundalini, tumo, prana, past lives, spiritual and many other forms.  We live in an ocean of energy and our lives become easier and more effective as we learn to work with these forces rather than be pushed around by them.

The ocean of energy we live in includes information as well.  As we become more proficient with the energies we are able to tap into this information for greater knowledge and skills.  We are meant to grow and develop.  If we don’t consciously work on it, we are faced with many situations that force growth.

Our books are designed for personal as well as group use. The meditations are easily understood and help persons actually experience the different forces.  A person then "knows" the energies and doesn't just "know about" them.

Please note the 2017 workshops are listed on the Workshop Schedule page.

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